The man behind

PitchSavior was created by me, Felipe Bottrel, in partnership with Ben Murray from

Through my experience within the startup community and some attempts of my own, I’ve seen first-hand the struggle that new founders go through to deliver a great pitch. The ideas were there, their passion was obvious, but the pitch decks themselves were just… well, they weren’t great.

As a professional presentation designer, I’ve been building decks every day for years now. Sales, marketing, corporate, conference, pitch decks, you name it. I've done hundreds of them.

PitchSavior combines everything I learned along the way into a simple, straightforward solution. I believe that having a great pitch deck shouldn't be the privilege of a few, that's why I'm making my templates available for everyone, everywhere for such an affordable price.

I genuinely hope it helps you grow your business and raise the capital you seek.

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Looking for a pitch deck tailored to your business?

PitchSavior was made for founders who aren't quite ready to hire a designer. However, if that's not your case, and you'd like to have a unique deck built entirely around your story, I'd be happy to design you a custom pitch.

My quote starts at $2000 and varies for each project according to its complexity, scope, and timeframe. Please fill the form below to get the conversation started.

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