Here’s a simple breakdown of PitchSavior’s license, granted with every purchase.

This license grants you, and only you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the files for specific uses under certain conditions.

It allows you to:
  • Use the template for any number of projects within your business.
  • Distribute end-products in non-editable file formats (e.g. PDF, JPG).
  • Receive updates and bug fixes to purchased products as we release them.
It prohibits you from:
  • Selling end-products or using the template for client work.
  • Redistributing, reselling, leasing, licensing, sub-licensing PitchSavior assets in editable format.
  • Offering the file downloaded to any third party. That means you can’t share the files with friends — sorry, they’ll need to purchase their own licenses.

If we suspect you do not comply with this agreement, we have the right to terminate this license at any time, without a refund and clarification of the circumstances. If that happens, you must stop using the files and delete them from your devices.


We reserve the right to modify or replace the license terms, to change prices and revise our policy at any moment without reason explanation.