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Pitch structure
Proven pitch structure
Our slide collection brings your investors on the journey with you, presenting the key points they want to hear about.
First-class design
First-class design
Each slide is carefully designed, aligned, and spaced, so you get a beautiful, clear, and consistent presentation.
Lean package
Lean package
Choice overload sucks. PitchSavior gives you a slim template containing only what you need to succeed.


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Stop wasting energy on decks investors hate

Your pitch deck should be short, sharp, and exciting to match the awesomeness of your business. Think of it as the trailer of a trailer: present the highlights, but leave ‘em wanting more.

But way too often founders go out there with weak, bloated decks that make investors cringe. Too much information, unsupported assumptions, and a jumbled design won't get you past the first meeting, if that.

create great investor decks
great pitch decks are hard


Building a great pitch deck is hard and frustrating

Founders spend dozens of precious hours working on it, only to end up with an amateur deck—and a huge backlog of critical tasks. Truth be told, boiling down your business activity, weaving the relevant facts into a compelling narrative and then designing it the right way is a monumental task.

This is when using template might speed things up and help you keep your sanity. But not all templates are created equal.


Powerpoint templates aren't a sexy subject

A lot of them suck. That’s because most of them are created by generalist designers. Sure, they know what looks good—but they don’t know presentations. These templates are made for you to buy them, not to use them.

You don’t want to spend hours messing around with your presentation, only to change one thing in one slide and somehow have it fax it all to Narnia. You want a pitch deck template that works.

pitch deck templates
PitchSavior is great pitch deck template


PitchSavior is different

PitchSavior was created by an entrepreneur and actual presentation designer (yes, that’s a real thing). It was carefully crafted to take the headaches out of creating an investor deck. Download now and start building your pitch the smart way.


Here’s how we help you build the best deck of your life

Made for simplicity. Made to save you time. Made to get you funded.


Take control of your formatting

PitchSavior is set up using PowerPoint placeholders, so you always get correct formatting, alignment, and spacing. Made a mistake? We make it easy to reset and start over: with one click, you can take any slide back to shape, and apply the original formatting to the content you inserted.


Learn how to drive it

Most pitch deck templates just give you a blank template and kiss you goodbye. But that isn't very helpful, is it? Your PitchSavior template features an interactive, step-by-step tutorial to guide you through making your first presentation. We’ll show you how to create slides, use each element, and customize the file with your logo and brand colors.


Build with confidence

Building a pitch deck from scratch can feel quite overwhelming. We break it down for you: under each section, we include a little content guide outlining relevant pointers, good practices, and mistakes to avoid. Also, every slide is filled with our own (not-so-serious) story that you can use for extra inspiration.


Show investors what they want to see

PitchSavior follows a proven structure that delivers a clear, effective pitch. In each section, you'll find a handful of deliciously good design proposals.

- Purpose

- Problem / Solution

- Market

- Why Now

- Competition

- Product

- Revenue Model

- Traction / Projections

- Team

- The Deal

- Roadmap

- Vision

color palette
Consistent color palette
Customizing the template colors to match your brand is a piece of cake. And when you do it, every single instance of the color gets updated. Like magic.
design library
Comprehensive design library
Our asset library gives you a clean selection of icons, buttons, arrows, tables, and more. All the assets you need, with none of the cheesy stuff you don’t.
helpful content tips
Helpful content tips
If you can’t find the exact layout you need, we made it easy to create new slides that match the deck's look and feel. No one hates Frankenstein decks more than us.
Easy charts
We’ve designed simple, live and fully-editable charts that take your spreadsheet numbers as input, and allow you to accurately present your data.
Drag'n'drop bliss
We know you just want your images to stay there. So to make things even easier for you, simply drag'n'drop your images directly where you want them to go.
Smooth navigation
A smart naming system and section organization ensures intuitive navigation, so you always know exactly what you’re working on and where it belongs.

Absolutely brilliant work!

"These templates have no comparison, to be honest. The level of quality and attention to detail is second to none. PitchSavior's templates are what you get when you pay thousands of dollars to a professional designer to do it for you, but for a fraction of a cost."


Awesome job!

"Felipe and his team at PitchSavior are brilliant in every detail. I have been calling him for most of my presentations for the last 5 years. I strongly recommend it!"



Let’s save your pitch

Every business is different, so pick the PitchSavior flavor that best suits your brand. Oh, and don’t worry, all style variants include our signature collection of layouts and features.

The Clean One

Sold out

Go pro with the most minimal PitchSavior flavor. Generous white space, bright colors, and beautiful contrast ensure a sharp, modern look and feel.

What you get
- Our exclusive Setup Wizard
- 65 unique slides, plus a few minor variations
- A neat Design Library

Note: the template is a PowerPoint file. Other formats will be added soon.

pitch deck template slides

The Fancy One

Sold out

A blend of stylish typography, muted colors, and fine design creates a warm, calm atmosphere. Feeling elegant today? This one is for you.

What you get
- Our exclusive Setup Wizard
- 65 unique slides, plus a few minor variations
- A neat Design Library

Note: the template is a PowerPoint file. Other formats will be added soon.

The Friendly One

Sold out

This is the style for the laid-back, easy-going souls. With round corners, thick fonts, and lively colors, it expresses openness and optimism.

What you get
- Our exclusive Setup Wizard
- 65 unique slides, plus a few minor variations
- A neat Design Library

Note: the template is a PowerPoint file. Other formats will be added soon.

pitch deck template slide

Money-back guarantee

You've heard it from us before: we like simple. PitchSavior is about making life a little easier and, as consumers, nothing sucks the joy out of us more than a painful refund process. Yeah, screw that.

So, if you're unhappy with your purchase, you may request a full refund within 7 days—no questions asked. Just reach us at hello@pitchsavior.com and provide us with your order number.

Common questions

What’s in the box?

A single PowerPoint file (.pptx) for each style variant you purchase. Everything you need is inside it. Pretty neat, huh? =)

How do I download the assets?

After checkout, you will see a download button on the confirmation page. You’ll also receive a download link via email. Relax, you can't miss it.

What about the license? Updates, sharing with friends, etc

Our business model is built around trust. Our license allows you to use the purchased files freely within your business. If any of your friends or colleagues are interested in PitchSavior, we trust you to refer them to our website.

If you need it for multiple businesses/founders, please increase the number of licenses in the cart accordingly.

This license includes access to updates and bug fixes as we release them. You can read more about it here.

Is it compatible with Keynote and Google Slides?

No, but it’s complicated.

Our templates are built with PowerPoint and delivered in .pptx format only. That means PowerPoint is the only tool we can guarantee will work 100% as we intended. However, most presentation tools allow you to import .pptx files with a few compatibility issues. If you feel comfortable with this, we recommend purchasing the template and giving it a go. If it doesn’t really work for you, just reach us at refund@pitchsavior.com within 7 days and we will issue a full refund.

Note that our Setup Wizard only works with PPT.

Does it include slide animations or transitions?

No, and honestly, you should probably keep it this way.

Do you have any special offers for accelerators and incubators?

Absolutely! Please drop us a line at hello@pitchsavior.com — we’d love to chat with you and learn how we can help your network thrive.

I have other questions...

We're here to help. Please send any questions to hello@pitchsavior.com or via the messenger pop-up in the bottom right corner. We'll react as soon as we can.

Go on now, make something awesome.

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